First Meeting

The party forms!

The town of Sandpoint held a festival for the opening of its new temple to Desna. Many people attended the festivities, including our first four heroes: Sebastian and Jasper the half-orc brothers (a cleric and a rogue), Lala the half-elven ranger, and Sidra the (secretly tiefling) Summoner. They first interacted when Lala beat one of the brothers at a tug-of-war contest. Sidra lost to the other brother.

After checking out various market stalls (Sidra bought a dagger with a pink scabbard) and food from each of the three inns (the orc brothers went back for seconds), our protagonists followed the rest of the crowd to the front steps of the new temple, to see the dedication ceremony.

Unfortunately, goblins chose this moment to attack, and the four adventurers stepped up bravely to defend the townsfolk. They slew many, many goblins, and followed the sounds of battle north of the temple to save a nobleman from yet more of the tiny fiends.

As a reward, they are all granted a week’s stay at one of the finest inns in town.



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